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Buy Facebook User id’s – Drive down your CPC

Buy Facebook User id’s – Drive down your CPC

So if I have user id’s for my niche how could that help me? Custom Audiences Sometimes the most valuable audience you can reach is one that you already have a...

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Thanks guy’s this is just what we needed to really target our ads and make our CTR go through the roof… Brilliant!

Iv’e just started selling on Facebook  - this has given my business the boost it needed

We decided to Take advantage on a hot topic by connecting our  business, and boom, more exposure. That’s just fabulous!

We Love The Lead People!

Thanks great work Paul….

Hey thank’s for explaining the value of this service… I have created several custom audiences and that’s  paying off… Great stuff

Hey Paul…. We are selling more on Facebook than ever before… love this service!

  • Chris in – VANCOUVER
  • Facebook business user
  • Julie in – London
  • Great Service 50K user id’s in 5days – Amazing
  • I get at least 1 new order every week now! WOW!!
  • Dave in Leeds
  • Facebook user

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Top Advantages of our user id service

More efficiently?

More efficiently?

Drive sales

  • Promote only to your Niche 90%
  • Drive sales Up 90%
  • Reduce CPC 90%
  • Increase CTR 90%
Target the right people

Target the right people

Over a billion people use Facebook to connect

  • Facebook Connections 100%
  • Drill down into your Niche 100%
  • Connect with the right crowd 100%
On desktop and mobile

On desktop and mobile

The power of social media

  • Facebook is on three of every four smartphones 100%
  • more than half of people on Facebook visit every day 100%
  • Reach people where they’re engaged 100%